29byAdelé is a Nigerian designer brand that creates timeless essentials for the modern – day woman founded by Adele Adeola.

29byAdelé aims to make a difference to the continent in helping women across the globe to fulfill their potential & be economic drivers in any way by dressing the path in luxury outfits that not only is comfortable but speaks class.

The idea here originated from stars in the sky, Stars produce their own light and appear rather small due to the large distance between them and the planet Earth. The brand vision is to ignite confidence, class and power in women of all races. Hence, the Logo was crafted to enhance the brands luxury image, the spacing between the logotype’s letters was set in such a manner that is gave a sleek look to the overall logo, hence giving off the brand’s class image. Each of these characteristics are inadvertently employing a crucial role in making up the appearance of the logotype, thereby influencing the outlook of the overall logo and the brand.

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